Youth Online Safety launch - Dear Snapchat

Youth Online Safety team

Today, we launch our eight-week Youth Online Safety campaign. The campaign provides insight into the results of the past 18 months of research on the eSafety Commissioner funded project that examined the emerging issues for young people on social media.

A key aspect of this project was co-creating media with young people to both represent the key findings, as well as provide a set of resources for young people and their parents and carers.

First up, we introduce the Dear Snapchat video which not only brings the talents of the young people we worked with together, but also demonstrates how we can take control of our own online experiences in social media platforms.

Did you know that we found in our national survey that Snapchat is the fourth most popular social media platform used by young people aged 12-17 after YouTube, Instagram and TikTok? It’s also among the three top platforms used weekly by the same age group.

As the young people here say, it’s OK to take a break from platforms and apps occasionally. Sometimes a healthy break improves the overall relationship. “It’s not me, it’s you”.

You can be more active in your online safety.

For more details, check out the research project here: More resources also available at the eSafety Commissioner –