Dear Instagram - "Take a break, have a change"

Youth Online Safety team

This week, our young people continue with their creative iteration of the research findings from the eSafety Commissioner funded project, emerging issues for young people on social media.

Following on the theme of the breakup video, this week the young people reflect on their experience with Instagram.

While it’s mostly OK, there are some things that ‘need a bit of attention’.

How do we access our private data? What data do you actually keep? Why does Instagram recommend the content that they do?

It’s all these emerging questions from the young people are starting to think, ‘it’s not me, it’s you’, and that taking a break can be a potentially great idea and a healthy long-standing relationship with social media platforms.

According to the national survey we conducted of the social media use of young people and parents, Instagram is the second most used social media platform after YouTube and is the second most frequently used platform by young people. About 14% of the young people we surveyed reported that they had stopped using or deleted Instagram, citing reasons like “I didn’t enjoy using it much”, “I was feeling like I couldn’t stop using to it or was using it too much” and “None of my friends were using it anymore”.

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