Having the Conversation - Talking can help to sort it out

Youth Online Safety team

Talking can help to sort it out.

One of the interesting research outcomes of our eSafety Commission funded research project that explores the emerging issues for young people on social media is that talking about what we do online can be incredibly helpful.

Across the platform space, young people use social media much more than their parents think they do, with the three most divergent platforms being Discord (55% youth use, 14% of parents think they do), Reddit (42% youth use, 6% of parents think they do) and BeReal (38% youth use, 6% of parents think they do.

But, as you might expect, everyone agreed that YouTube and Instagram were high on young people’s use.

While we spoke to young people and their parents and carers, it became really clear that what most young people do online is good! Hanging out with friends, researching information, and relaxing with entertainment are just some of the more positive things they do. Parents are concerned for their children and often think the worst.

What became very clear is that having the conversation will help everyone understand what is happening online, what is involved, and what risks are present.

This week, we encourage you to just have a conversation about your online lives – what games are you playing? What have you seen? Did something make you giggle and smile?

Check out our fact sheet conversation starter and have the conversation.